About Us

Dunametál Ltd. was founded in the year 1995 as a 100% family-owned company.

Initially, the monthly casting production was 15 tonnes, mainly for domestic demand.

Thanks to investments, the range and quantities of producible castings has increased continuously, along with the machining capability.

In line with the plant, quality control equipment was also developed together with the introduction of the Qualitiy Management System which allows us to satisfy the highest requirements.

The number of employees and their competence has increased accordingly.

Data and Facts

  • Owners: József  Szokol and László Szokol
  • Number of employees: 70  persons
  • Turnover in 2015: €2,9 million
  • Monthly production capacity : 60 tonnes
  • Export ratio: 40 %

Company’s Philosophy:

Continuous development, step by step, in the interests of greater cost-efficiency

Updating of the production facilities

Increasing the employees’ competence

Partnership with customers in the interests of smooth cooperation with them as well as of finding optimal solutions

Flexible reaction in the face of unforeseen challenges

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